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Recently, DOTA 2’s “Auto Chess” has attracted a lot of attention. And this “Auto Chess” was actually developed by Dragonest Game.  And the team have also launched the mobile game version of auto chess, named <Auto Chess: Origin>. The game follows the characters in Dota2 but changes the style. The whole game looks more cartoon and cute. So how is the game?

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Let’s take a look at the advantages. Auto Chess: Origin is more convenient than the original one, after all, playing on the phone. From the perspective of game settings, the features of the operation and each character are very distinct. In the mall, the characters that have already been purchased will be marked to facilitate the purchase choice. The game will also prompt the player to upgrade the character and the equipment that can be assembled to make the beginner easier to get started.  

However, automatic assembly is not supported, and for most players who are new to Auto Chess, manual selection of the assembled equipment requires more consideration. But as a strategy game, the custom selection is a very important feature. Players in the game through evolution, combination, card position, set up an exclusive camp, in the game in the formation of troops, step by step, using strategies to defeat opponents.

Let us talk about the shortcomings now. Most players who have played “AUTO CHESS ORIGIN” will feedback a question, that is, the single-game time is too short, especially for the player to get started. At this point, the original is obviously better. 
Mobile games have inevitable limitations because of the size of the screen.  For example, in the game, the player has to click on the avatar to switch if he wants to see the opponent’s board. Unlike the original version, which is divided into lines, the camps on both sides of the field are clear at a glance. This gives the players a lot of obstacles in thinking about strategies and arranging troops. 

Here are some of the most liked comments of Auto Chess on Google Play !

Positive review:

  • This is the only game I’ve taken the time out of my day to write a review for because its that good! Its simple to learn but hard to master with its unique and intuitive gameplay. Building strategies on the fly and figuring out synergies with pieces are super fun, and once you get the hang of it, is when you begin adoring this game like me. It has stellar gameplay and animations and pretty good graphics for a mobile game. Every game you play is Fun and different from the last!
  • Hard to find anything negative to say about this game. A non freemium game thats actually very competitive. The gameplay is exactly what you would expect. The performance is mostly good with some frame time issues on older devices towards the late stages of the game, definitely better on a more power…

Negative reviews:

  • good game, very addictive. I would give it 5* if it wouldn’t be a battery drain and the game freezing/hanging reloading all the time. update: better, the game is fun, but still the freezing is annoying. update: after update, I got the freezing screens, unable to put units in or out and have to restart bug again… very annoying to have that constantly, and therefore 1* until this gets fixed
  • Great game concept except for when most of the time it doesn’t give you anything you need. It’s not fun playing 12 games straight getting the last place because you’re not getting any pieces you need, I make 2nd and 1st place when it finally does give me the pieces but I deleted the app because overall it just made me mad.

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