Dr. Mario World Review

Dr. Mario is a classic puzzle game Nintendo released in 1990 on the Red and White machine FC. Now it comes back as a mobile game. This is the second mobile game in Nintendo’s Mario series and a stunning 3D mobile game.

Classic Puzzle Elimination

The game follows the theme of the series, as germs invade the mushroom world, so Dr. Maleo has to use capsules to kill them. In the single-player mode of <Dr. Mario World>, players must use a limited number of capsules of three colors to eliminate the virus by adjusting the orientation and position so that the capsules of the same color are aligned horizontally or vertically.

As the level increases, the game becomes more challenging. In addition to various obstacles in the game, the virus will also have different states, such as frozen, dust, lock, etc. Players need to control the capsule trigger effect, unlock mechanism to successfully destroy the virus. Overall, the game is not easy.

Different from the Red and White machine FC version is to adapt to the mobile phone platform control habits, this will be the original “drop” has been changed to “floating”.The capsule will appear from the bottom of the screen, and players can click on the pill to change its direction or drag it to its desired location.

Complex game level design

Although the game is conceptually as simple and easy to understand as a regular elimination puzzle game, you’ll find the rules and difficulty of the game are quite different when start playing. First of all, the goal of the game is not to eliminate the virus to accumulate points but to achieve the specific goal set by the level to reach the next level, so the mechanism is different.

For example, a virus may get stuck in a certain position after encountering a virus or obstacle, making it more difficult to remove.  When the capsule is destroyed with three of the same color, the other half of the capsule will become bubbles and be able to move again. If, on the other hand, you misplace it and it can’t be eliminated, the capsules will pile up in place. You have to find a way to eliminate it with another capsule of the same color. Increases the difficulty of achieving goals.

After the first 20 levels of guiding, there will be a variety of combined mechanism puzzles.  And the conditions for achieving the goal of the level are starting to change, so there are more factors to consider than normal elimination puzzle games.  So players have to have better spatial planning, rather than only focusing on elimination.  The harder it gets, the more time you have to think about it and try and get it right.

In-game Single-player Mode & Online PvP

Dr. Mario’s world isn’t just a single-player elimination game.  After you finish the teaching level, PVP mode will be available. And by design, it’s a key model for the game’s long-term run.

The PVP mode is also very simple to play,  with players destroying viruses and accumulating attack slots to increase the number of viruses their opponents must destroy.  But on top of that, there is the addition of “doctor” and “support”. The game currently provides 10 “doctors” and 30 “support”. The former is the main manipulating characters, such as Mario, Kuba, and princess Brigitte. Different attacking and defending abilities, with different effects. The “support” character is similar to the passive skill, which provides extra multiplier effects in the battle, and players can bring two “supports” to play.

Without paying, players can choose from three original doctors: Kuba, Brigitte, and Mario. The three doctors have different abilities and can accumulate skill slots by eliminating viruses, which can be enlarged when the slots are full. Like Kubwa can kill a lateral virus, Mario can kill a single longitudinal one.

Due to the different abilities of the characters, there is a gap in the value of skill accumulation speed, and each person’s skill power is not the same, coupled with different “support”, can actually create a personal style of play. 

Compared to the single-player mode, which focuses on solving puzzles, PVP matches emphasize fast pace, and almost every game can be solved in two minutes.  In line with the fast and exciting characteristics of mobile games. Players eliminate their own virus, at the same time, can throw the virus to the opponent, to prevent the elimination of the other side.

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