How to get support from SmartGaGa faster?

Thank you for choosing and using SmartGaGa. We value our users’ experience and try our best to solve problems for all users. However, since we receive a lot of user feedback and support requests every day, in order to help us solve the problem faster, please check this article before reaching us.

  • Click the report button and copy the Guid if you have a problem using SmartGaGa. Check the image below for more details:

  • Please send us the GUID above when you contact us.Then describe the problem in as much detail as possible, preferably with a screenshot.
  • Find SmartGaGa’s installation directory folder, which contains a compressed file called logs that records your current problems. Please send this file to us.Please check the image below for details

  • We are a team based in China. Due to the time difference, the reply may be slow. Please wait patiently. This is our Discord server which has support in various languages. >>>

Please comment below if you have any questions. Thanks for all the support.Regards, SmartGaGa team.

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