Tips and tricks of Weapon for PUBG Mobile beginner

PUBG Mobile is an FPS game, and everyone knows that weapons play a particularly important role in such games. Choosing the right weapon will greatly increase your chances of survival. And you will have more fun. I will give you a brief introduction to the common weapons and how to choose.

1. Rifle

AK47 is the first choice. But you are new to these games, so my suggestions will be M4a1>SCAR-L>M16A4. As for accessories, right Angle grip > vertical grip; Noise elimination > flame elimination > compensation;Four times > and eight times >basic

2. Sniper rifle

Trust me, this isn’t for the rookie, but I hope you can use it, and if you don’t, practice in entertainment mode. Single snipe: AWM>M24>98K (win94 only suitable for big guy use).Tandem sniper rifle: MK14>SKS>Mini14>VSS. As for accessories, hold the handle vertically. Muzzle single shot sniping option to eliminate noise and flame.Snipe compensator silencing. You need a sniper rifle. Remember to turn on the gyroscope! Gyroscopes are not for gun crushing, they are for locked precision hitting!

3. Submachine gun

In the case of full distribution UMP9=VECTOR> Thomson =UZI. Equals are because these several guns cannot compare, each has its own merits. Submachine guns are mainly used for self-defense.

4. Shotgun

S12K>S1897>S686 don’t use this if you have a choice.Because you can’t hit anybody.

5. Pistol

Although the gun position has been updated, it is hardly used. 

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